Combat-Disabled Veteran Gets an Incredibly Thoughtful, Anonymous Gift

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Christopher Garrett, a combat-disabled veteran, had trouble mowing the lawn following his physical rehab. One morning, he walked outside to find this incredible gift.

Brittany Lynn Garrett wrote in to the Love What Matters Facebook page detailing the amazing story of an act of kindness. Her husband appeared at the door one day while holding their son with tears in his eyes. Fearing the worst, Brittany immediately asked him who had died. However, Christopher only asked her to come outside and look at the special gift on their front lawn from an anonymous sender.

Once a week, Christopher would struggle with their standard push lawn mower, despite having a shattered pelvis from a combat injury. Someone must have been watching and decided to bless this family with a fully functional John Deere riding motor that is hand-operated.

The note included stated that they hoped this gift would give the family more time for more important things, like spending time together instead of struggling to mow the lawn.

Brittany Lynn Garrett sent her thank-you message out publicly to this anonymous sender in hopes it will be received. Instead, we are sending our most sincere thanks to Christopher and the entire Garrett family that has sacrificed so much for our great country.