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Comical Cow-Hunt Sees Temple Police Officer Charged (By a Cow)

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A police officer in Temple, Texas, had a run-in with a different type of criminal on a rampage. Chasing a runaway cow on the lamb, the officer found out quickly just exactly where the beef was. ABC World News Tonight with David Muir posted the video on their Facebook page showing the officer first following the cow with his cruiser, and then taking what seemed to be a prime-rib-opportunity to pen it in, after it ran into a schoolyard enclosed by a chain-link fence.

With his cruiser camera still recording, the office exited his vehicle and proceeded to close the gates behind himself in what looks like an effort to approach the beast. He quickly learned he should have attempted this from the udder side…

There’s a brief moment in time during the video where the viewer could honestly believe the officer knows best in this case. The tide turns fairly quickly on the poor guy though, obviously underestimating the determination and strength of this hefty heifer! Officer Gabriel Estrella is the unsuspecting officer in this video trying to wrangle his suspect, and the comical cow-hunt that ensued.


ABC World News Tonight with David Muir

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