This Company is Making Luxurious Tiny Homes Like You’ve Never Seen

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Wishbone Tiny Homes is a purveyor of large scale tiny homes.  One of their homes, The Tiny Wynette, is a spacious 10 foot by 30 foot home, which is considered rather large in the tiny home world!

Check-out the spaciousness of this tiny home! It’s like a tiny home mansion! There’s plenty of room to live conveniently and still have the whole family over for college sports watch parties.

Added drawer space is a must when looking into purchasing a tiny home. Just think, when your parent, sibling, or in-laws come over you can just throw all that excess clutter into a drawer!

This tiny house even comes with a front-porch. With the summer months approaching in Texas this addition makes for a nice way to soak up some sun and participate in lovely traditions like sweet tea sippin’.

Whether you’re just looking to find a more economical home without reducing luxury or looking for an interesting weekend get-a-way, a large-scale tiny home might be just the ticket!