Consignment Shop in Waco Says Their Haunted Couch Isn’t For Sale

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“Caution! Haunted Couch. Touch at your own risk,” an orange sign reads taped onto an old floral-patterned piece of furniture at the Consignment Furniture Showroom in Waco, Texas. Its previous owner dropped it off at the store saying it emitted a strange sulfur smell, cell phones would stop working near it, and his kitchen cabinet doors would constantly fly open. He was happy to get rid of the couch.

In 2007, KWTX did a story on the paranormally-inflicted settee. They said that while they were putting together the report, strange things happened in the studio including malfunctioning technology. A similar incident in the showroom was reported, so employees moved the couch away from the checkout computer. Then, both employees had minor car accidents shortly after moving the couch.

Destination America says that ghost hunters have “studied” the couch, and it was concluded that the stain underneath one of the cushions came from blood. That idea alone might be enough for most people to not even consider purchasing the piece of furniture, but the store owners say they actually received a $3,000 offer for the couch. Still, employees at the Consignment Furniture Showroom are used to having the old haunted couch around, and they’ve determined that it’s not for sale even though many people report having an eerie feeling when they’re close to the old couch.