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Due to the Busy Housing Industry, 20K Construction Workers Needed in Dallas Area

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The DFW area is growing rapidly with houses and commercial projects popping up right and left, but it’s not moving as quickly as it could be. The Dallas Builders Association says that the city needs around 20,000 more construction workers to keep up with the work available. As Dallas News explains, the city’s construction force has never bounced back from the recession.

“More than 92 percent of our members cite the lack of labor as having a significant impact on their business. In most cases that’s adding a month and more than $5,000 to every home built in our area,” Phil Crone, head of the Dallas Builders Association, told Dallas News.

NBC DFW says that some builders point to immigration issues as part of the problem, and they hope to appeal to the government for a better visa program. Builders say that the lack of workers has gotten so bad that contractors will drive to other construction sites and offer to pay workers more to get them to leave that site for their own project.

The Builders Association also hopes to encourage schools to offer shop classes to introduce those with a talent for building to the craft early on and hopefully create more young workers.