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Another Person Dies After Contracting Flesh-Eating Bacteria From Harvey

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Earlier this week, KHOU reported that there are three known cases of flesh-eating bacteria resulting from Harvey, and sadly, a second person, Josue Zurita, has died from the disease. “He’s a very caring person,” family member Brenda Avalos told the news. “He has a lot of friends here in Galveston that love him. Everybody is very sad. He was very young and always smiling.” Zurita was only 31-years-old when he passed.

The New York Times explains that Zurita suffered a cut on his left arm that became infected from the floodwaters and debris. The first victim of flesh-eating bacteria, 77-year-old Nancy Reed, got an infection from the flooding inside of her home after falling and enduring cuts and a broken arm.

“Necrotizing fasciitis is a serious bacterial skin infection that spreads quickly, killing the body’s soft tissue. It can be deadly in a very short time, unless it is promptly diagnosed and treated with antibiotics and surgery,” the New York Times writes.

Even after Harvey, people should stay up to date on their tetanus shots and visit a doctor as soon as possible if they are cut in unsanitary conditions. Also, remember to prevent infections by covering cuts with dry bandages.