Cookie Cupcakes are the Next Popular Sugary Sensation

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Tony Maples Photography


Sprinkles locations have popped up in Dallas, Austin, and Houston, and Texans are embracing the Beverly Hills chain of bakeries because their cupcakes are too delicious to pass up. In order to keep everyone’s cupcake craving fresh, the company unveiled their newest creation – a Cookie Cupcake.

“This chocolate chip studded yellow cake is lined with cookie crust and topped with brown sugar frosting,” the Sprinkles website reads. Like their other adorable little cakes, the Cookie Cupcake is aesthetically pleasing, too. Like Cecilia Haynes writes on their Facebook page, “These cupcakes are a thing of beauty!” Sprinkles clearly has good taste, and fans are responding positively to the new limited-time offering.

GuideLive compares the fervor for cookie cupcakes to the cronut, but it’s unlikely that Sprinkles will see that level of sugar craving from huge crowds since they aren’t interested in making their products scarce. In fact, some Sprinkles locations even have a Cupcake ATM, so if you’re in dire need of a cupcake any time of day, you can fulfill your sweet dreams.

Don’t get addicted to these hybrid cookie and cupcake treats, though, because Sprinkles will only have them from March 1st to May 31st. Get your fill while you can!