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Delicious Cookie Dough Restaurant to Open in Dallas Next Month

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The Dallas Observer writes that next month, The Dough Dough will open its doors at Preston and Forest in Dallas. The new business, which will be run by entrepreneur Gina Ginsburg, will safely satisfy cookie dough lovers’ urge to eat dough without cooking it. According to the news, the key to making the dough safe is “…pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour. It’ll keep for 3 weeks refrigerated, 3 months frozen, and most flavors can be baked up into deliciously buttery, conventional-style cookies.”

On The Dough Dough website, anyone with a sweet tooth will feel their mouth water with photos of delicious tasting standards like chocolate chip, sugar cookie, snickerdoodle, and even “Naked Original,” which is basically chocolate chip without the chips for those who just want the sweet base. Other original flavors include “The Junkyard,” which has M&Ms, pretzels, and semi-sweet chocolate chips and “Peanut Buddy,” which holds Reese’s Pieces, dark chocolate chips, and Nutty Buddies, together with a peanut butter flavored base.

Customers will choose between one ($4), two ($7), or three ($9) scoops of cookie dough along with toppings. Ice Cream Doughwiches, Cookie Sandwiches, and even Dough Sundaes will also be available for those who have an even bigger sugar craving.