Cornbread: Solo or Paired With a Dish, It’s a Staple at the Family Table

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If you’re looking for the perfect pairing to go with your big bowl of Texas chili, look no further than a hot, fresh-baked pan of cornbread. Named a cornerstone of Southern cuisine, it not only has a wonderful aroma, but it also features a hearty texture, which goes nicely with many of our great comfort-food meals.

Baked is fantastic, and fried is good too. Any way you cook cornbread will bring friends and family to the table! This particular recipe is baked. You can have it with a hot cup of tea and honey, your barbecue, or stuff it into your turkey if you so wish. There are a number of great ways to consume it, but a slice of it with some warm butter can often go a long way towards true happiness. Betty Crocker recipes have been around for quite some time, and they work hard in their kitchens to ensure that the ones they produce are worthy of being tried at home. That’s why they’ve shared this delicious mixture on their website for readers to try on their own, and we think you’ll enjoy it just as much as if Granny had made it.


Cornbread: Solo or Paired With a Dish, It’s a Staple at the Family Table


Key ingredients in this recipe include:

Yellow, White, or Blue Cornmeal



Baking Powder



The good people at Betty Crocker have compiled all of the ingredients, their measurements, and the proper way to put this recipe together. Serving it warm with some pinto beans is a great meal worthy of finishing off the day, however, you can pair it with whatever dish you like, or simply eat it all by itself – it’s that good!