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Baker in Corpus Christi Makes Cute and Creative Macarons

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Kat Andreas of Moonlight Macarons in Corpus Christi is a bonafide artist when it comes to the small, deliciously sweet cookies. “A macaron is a meringue-based cookie,” Andreas told the Caller-Times. “You make the meringue with sugar and egg whites and you whip it. And you add that meringue to a mixture of ground up almonds and more sugar.” Though she makes it sound simple, there’s certainly a skill involved in making the less than palm-sized pastries that takes precise stirring and a solid two hours.

While Andreas was in school to become a radiologist, she found herself falling in love with baking, specifically macarons, even though she was told the humidity in Corpus Christi would make it difficult to form the cookies. Determined and devoted to baking, Andreas left school and started working at a local restaurant before leaving to start her own bakery. Now, her pastries are sold at 8TE and Greenlight Coffee.

With glittery unicorn, teddy bear, and even Corgi shapes, Andreas’s macarons are recognizable by their one-of-a-kind designs. Follow Moonlight Macarons on Facebook and Instagram to see Andreas’s creative designs and possibly even order some of your own!