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One of Corpus Christi’s Finest Helps Danny Green

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According to Corpus Christi’s Police Department Facebook page, Officer Robert Cabello of the Corpus Christi Police Department was out on patrol when he noticed someone had a flat tire. Naturally, he went to assist the stranded motorist when he realized who it was. It was the one and only Danny Green of the San Antonio Spurs! Of course, this made for a good photo opportunity, and it was posted to the department’s Facebook Page as well. Way to go, Officer Cabello!

Danny Green

Danny Green was in town for a youth clinic for grades 2 – 12, according to dannygreennba.com, where the children got a chance to meet the renowned basketball player. The kids were placed into small groups for drills to help improve their basketball skills, such as ball-handling, passing, shooting, and defense. They also received an exclusive t-shirt, an autograph, and a photo with Danny Green.