New Costco Face Mask Requirement: Will You Comply?

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In the interest of public safety, Costco has updated its guest shopping policy and is adding several new health and safety measures it has deemed necessary in the best interests of its customers. Do you think these are good health policies, or are do they go too far? Will you be willing to submit to wearing a facemask while shopping, or will you take your business elsewhere?

These policies and measures include the requirement for people to wear face masks if they’re going to shop at one of its locations. Making the update to their policies on April 29, 2020, the warehouse retailer has stated that all Costco members and guests will be required to wear a mask covering their mouth and nose while they are inside the premises. Those unable to do so as a result of a medical condition and children who are under the age of two will be the only exception to this rule.

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With the exception of El Paso, Texas, and the stores in the state of Kentucky, each Costco membership card will permit two people to have physical access to the store at one time. In El Paso and the state of Kentucky, this limit is being dropped to only one person per membership card. As well, first responders and health care workers will be given priority entry to the stores, and they won’t be required to wait in line.

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In addition, Costco has stressed that this new face mask mandate should not be viewed as a replacement for the current social distancing guidelines which are also in effect at their stores. On Monday, May 4, 2020, all Costco locations will be returning to their regular operating hours from their present COVID-19 operations. What will remain in effect, however, will be a one-hour shopping time designed for disabled and senior citizens, which will commence at 9 a.m., from Monday to Friday.