Councilman Goes After Browser the Library Cat Once Again

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Many bookstores have resident cats that enchant customers with their love of sleeping on top of literature while keeping the pest population under control. It only seems logical that cats could do the same in small libraries. White Settlement, Texas has one of these intellectually inclined felines, but sadly, he’s not beloved by all.

Browser the gray tabby cat made headlines (even in The Washington Post) earlier this year when the city council feuded about whether or not the cat could stay. Because Browser’s home is the library and he only enhances the experience guests have, the council voted to keep him, but not without some drama.

Councilman Elzie Clements has adamantly been against the cat, and even after the matter seemed to be put to rest, he brought it up again during his last day on the council. “My view hasn’t changed — I don’t believe we need animals in our buildings,” the Merced-Sun Star quotes Clements. He urged the council to reconsider kicking out the cat.

Fortunately for Browser, Clements’s fight won’t officially come up again in front of the council. “Mr. Clements wants to get the last hurrah and snub his nose at everybody. It’s like he wants to get the city back for not voting for him,” Mayor Ronald White said. It sounds like more people are rooting for Browser than his opponent.