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Pflugerville Couple Pays Off All Student Lunch Balances at Local School

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The Pflugerville Independent School District website writes that families who choose to buy a school lunch for their children instead of providing a sack lunch will save roughly $243 a year, making it a tempting choice. Although the meals aren’t expensive individually, the cost can add up quickly as the school year goes on. According to Rowe Lane Elementary Principal Ben O’Connor, student lunch debt accumulates after the holidays due to lack of funds, and sometimes, due to forgetfulness. But KXAN writes that a Pflugerville couple decided to take care of the costs for parents and students.

The couple wanted to do something kind, and they didn’t want anything in return. They simply walked into the school, talked to Principal O’Connor and picked up the tab for all 960 students. “They said, ‘we don’t have any kids that go to Rowe Lane, but we had a niece who went through. You guys are our neighborhood school, so we thought — we want to drop by and do something,’” O’Connor told the news.

The anonymous couple picked the perfect time to do something kind. February 17th is Random Act of Kindness Day, and their spontaneous gesture serves as a wonderful inspiration to anyone who wants to step up and reach out a helping hand.