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America’s Most Wanted…Cow: Weatherford Police Wrangle Something Larger Than a Groundhog on February 2nd

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If you regularly tune in to reality shows to see the latest criminal on the run from the law, boy do the police in Weatherford, Texas have a clip for you! They’ve noted on their Facebook post as well as their Twitter feed (@WPDTX) that people aren’t the only ones who run from the police.

A service call the boys in blue from the Weatherford department received on February 2 had nothing to do with a little groundhog who hadn’t seen his shadow, and more to do with a bovine that couldn’t keep out of the limelight (or off the road)! They managed to record the whole scenario as they tried to assist in the wrangling of said cow, and in high speed, the chase looks hilariously like something from a spaghetti western!

Thanks to some quick riding (and thinking) together with some crafty roping, the cow was finally cornered, so-to-speak and authorities were no longer required to ensure everything was O.K. Nobody was harmed during the chase and the Weatherford Police Department state their gratitude to the ropers who appeared on scene, “A very special thank you also goes out to the two cowboys that assisted us in resolving this matter.” Their skill ensured there was no further incident. However, the cow is quite lucky. Its step out onto the wrong side of the law could also have landed it on the wrong side of the street.