Cowboys Fan Optimistically Gets Super Bowl Winner Tattoo

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On December 2nd, Jordan Garnett tweeted, “Stop messaging me saying it’s fake. It’s 100% real. I had no idea getting a tattoo would result in death threats. Relax. We will win.” Along with the tweet was a photo of the tattoo that’s gone viral among Dallas Cowboy fans. The picture shows Garnett sitting in a tattoo shop with the words “Super Bowl LI Champions” around a design he already had of the iconic blue star.

With the 51st Super Bowl still months away, Garnett certainly feels confident and optimistic about his favorite team. Unfortunately, many fans have lashed out against him, saying that he’s jinxing the event. Some people assume (or hope) the tattoo is fake since according to his website and KHOU, Garnett is a comedian living in Florida, but he’s appeared on several news outlets talking about his forward-thinking ink.

It’s silly to think that he’s received death threats about the design on his arm, but fans are very concerned that Garnett’s somehow ruined the Cowboy’s chances at the Championship. “Yep we ain’t winning this year. Every time someone does this, their team loses,” Joseph Hastings  tweeted.

While Fox Sports recognizes that the Cowboys could certainly advance, they point out that it’s “a bold move for a fan of a team that has just two playoff wins since 1997.”