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Cracks Found in $69.9 Million Texas Football Stadium Could Delay Opening Day

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McKinney ISD’s $69.9 million football stadium is now under a forensic engineering investigation following the discovery of cracks inside the facility back in January of 2018. According to local media reports, the stadium has “greater-than-anticipated” cracking in its lower bowl wall, and cracks were also found in the home and visitor concourse levels.

Originally scheduled to open for this fall’s football season, the 12,000-seat stadium is now being investigated by Nelson Forensics, and at present, it’s too soon to say whether this will delay the stadium’s opening. The stadium was designed by Stantec and is being built by Manhattan Construction. According to reports by local press, McKinney ISD Chief Financial Officer Jason Bird stated to the school board that the stadium is anticipated to be in use for over 50 years and for it to be a successful project, both low maintenance and long-term durability are integral.

Nelson Forensics was previously hired to investigate cracking that took place in Eagle Stadium – a $60 million facility in Allen ISD. The discovery of the cracks in that project in 2014 led to a review of the design-load demands. It’s uncertain what the cause may be, as of yet, in the McKinney ISD instance, however, the firm’s experience led to a timely investigation completion, and the issues were effectively mitigated, allowing for its reopening.