Tell Your Taste Buds to Wait: Crawfish Season Will Be Late This Year

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Tony Maples Photography


Though you may be hankering for crawfish, KSLA writes that you’ll have to wait a bit longer this year for crawfish to come into season. “The harvest has been a little slow because of the cold weather,” Tim Cascio, who is the General Manager of Crawdaddy’s Kitchen told the news. “Around this time, we are getting shipments of crawfish daily, but with the cold weather the ponds have frozen over in south Louisiana and have kept [crawfishers] from being able to fish, so we are getting deliveries every couple of days.”

It’s not just Louisiana that’s feeling the pain of late crawfish. Austin 360 writes that Hurricane Harvey flooding damage will have an impact on Texans getting their hefty mudbug supply. Also, the low temperatures we’ve felt in Texas make crawfish crawl down in the dirt to cozy up and stay warm.

Of course, crawfish can be available year-round, but spring to summer is usually a peak time. In the past, winters have been warm enough to make the peak season occur in mid-winter. As we get warmer, so will the crawfish, so patience will be key this year. Tell your taste buds to sit back and enjoy hot cocoa for a little while longer.