Woman Gets Custom Credit Card Design of Terry Crews After He Approves

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Since Terry Crews played a frugal dad on “Everybody Hates Chris,” People reports that Twitter user @DarrelKennedy posted that she wanted to order a new credit card with Crews’ face on the front to encourage her to save her dough. After she tweeted out her desire, she tried to get Wells Fargo to make the card, but they said the bank needed written permission from Mr. Crews to use his image. Thankfully, Twitter once again proved to be the best way to get a hold of a celebrity as others retweeted her predicament and it eventually got to Crews!

Not even a full hour later, Crews tweeted back, “I approve. Signed, Terry Crews.” Excited, Kennedy called Wells Fargo’s customer service and she replied that they not only accepted but expedited her credit card request. Crews immediately tweeted back a series of emojis letting her know he was glad it all worked out.

Bored Panda points out that back in 2016, Crews posted the same photo of himself saying he keeps it as a reminder in his own wallet to save some cash. A year later, it looks like his stern glance will live on as a call to frugality.