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Credit Card Information Used at 188 Texas Chipotles Vulnerable After Hack

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Following a thorough investigation, Chipotle has released a statement regarding the issues they first reported to the public on April 25th. During the time period of March 24 to April 18, scammers used malware to acquire credit card data from 2,249 restaurants across the country. WFAA writes, “One hundred eighty-eight Chipotles were hit by the security breach in Texas, including dozens of North Texas locations. Fourteen Dallas restaurants were hit, and six more in Fort Worth. Twenty-seven Houston locations fell victim to the hack, while 15 were hit in Austin.”

According to Chipotle.com, the malware was removed while the investigation took place. The company says they will work with cyber security experts to boost their protection so something like this doesn’t happen again. They know that the malware was able to steal credit card numbers, names, verification codes and expiration dates, but they do not know how many people were impacted.

You can check to see if your local store fell victim to the scam by searching here. Some of the dates vary by location, which can be seen in the search, as well. Those who want to speak with a Chipotle representative regarding the incident can call (888) 738-0534. If you notice any odd activity on your credit card, call your credit card company ASAP.