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‘Creepy’ Texas Shed Collage Scared the Local Realtors Away

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A display of odd and unusual materials by any stretch of the imagination sits on a backyard shed of a home in north Abilene, Texas, making local realtors squeamish. A collage of headshots of women realtors as well as a photo of a local attorney covers the side of not only the shed but also part of the fence around the yard.

According to a report by Big Country, local stations KRBC and KTAB have spoken to realtors who have called the shed “creepy,” saying that it makes them feel uncomfortable knowing that photos of themselves and co-workers are included in the assortment. The stations have also reached out to the man that prepared the display, and he has told them that he realizes people would consider it a creepy collage. He also identified that he was taking the photos down, effective last Wednesday or Thursday (July 19 or 20.) He did not, however, provide any comment as to why he felt the need to create the display.

‘Creepy’ Texas Shed Collage Scared the Local Realtors Away

Photo: Facebook/KTAB News

Authorities in Abilene were contacted with respect to the shed and fence display, but there have been no citations issued due to the fact that it was determined that no criminal act was committed. Stan Stanridge, Abilene Police Chief, released a statement which said, “APD and ACU PD are aware of this issue [and] we readily concede that the issue is very concerning, but we do not believe it is criminal.” The name of the man responsible for the collage, or his address, have not been released by local press because there was no crime perpetrated.


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