Women Crochet Beautiful Giant Sweaters for Cold Elephants

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When the women living near the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in India noticed that the cold winters were making their beloved local elephants shiver, they decided to take action by using their artistic skills.

The Times of India writes that the 20 elephants who live at the Center have gone through extreme hardships like “illegal captivity, trafficking mafia, exploited for street begging and circuses where they were abused and subjected to extreme cruelty and decades of suffering.” Since the gentle creatures have endured trauma physically and emotionally, keeping them warm is vital to maintaining their wellness. Kartick Satyanarayan, the CEO of Wildlife SOS, adds that arthritis is also a common issue for the large animals, and keeping the cold air off of their joints is important.

The Huffington Post writes that the elephant sweaters take months of work to crochet and knit, but volunteers are happy to make them for the lovely animals. On top of keeping the elephants warm and feeling secure, the sweaters also make them look even more adorable than normal. The bright colors and appealing designs are good enough for a human to sport, but arguably, they look even better on the elephants!