Can You Crochet? Make a Texas Horned Lizard as a Cute Gift

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We’ve written about the Texas state reptile and shared details on conservation efforts to bring its population back to life in the Lone Star State. We’ve even shared stories about breeding programs and the release of the newborn Texas horned lizards into the wild. Now, you can have one of your very own, if you crochet! That’s right. Horned lizard crochet patterns are a thing, and an Etsy link from username MyFingersFly will take you to all things that can be uniquely handcrafted by you either for your own collection, or for loved ones to enjoy!

Cut cold weather hats (some with earflaps), as well as a pattern for a stuffed Texas horned lizard (a cute, huggable version to squeeze at night), can be found on Etsy. Not only that, but crochet patterns for other endangered animal species can also be added to your collection. If you’re crafty at crochet and know your way around yarn, you’ll most likely pull off a great variety of creations that this Etsy account calls intermediate in skill level requirements.

Can You Crochet? Make a Texas Horned Lizard as a Cute Gift

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As recently as this week, details on legislation which could help efforts to ensure the habitat and population numbers of the Texas horned lizard are maintained were published on They are a species that were once considered prominent throughout the state, but due to the reduction in natural habitat, in conjunction with other environmental factors, they are now considered endangered. The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, if approved, would provide the necessary funding to support efforts by such organizations at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) as well as Texas metro zoos which are partnering with them, to research and restore the horned lizard populations.

Can You Crochet? Make a Texas Horned Lizard as a Cute Gift

Photo: Etsy/MyFingersFly

For those of you who have long thought of the horned lizard as a cute creature you would love to see more of, you can easily accomplish that with a crocheted version of your very own. If family members are also keen on their likeness, a hat or another similar item that might bring them comfort, in the form of our beloved state reptile, is a great gift for the holidays or birthdays, or just for fun! When you can’t keep one of your very own (due to their current dire straits) this is the next best thing. Find the pattern for creating this horned lizard at this link.