Man Walks Across Country with Massive Cross Only to Have It Stolen in Texas

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Mitchell Manning began walking across the United States from Jacksonville, Florida on October 25th of last year while carrying a 150-pound wooden cross. By walking 10-15 miles a day carrying the cross, he wants to show and prove his powerful faith. Unfortunately, while visiting family in Seminole, Texas this month, the cross he carried 1,500 miles so far was stolen.

His update on his Facebook page on July 12th reads, “I left my cross at the park in Seminole TX Sunday, it is missing now. I checked with TxDOT and they said they didn’t move it. I may have to build another one. If anyone has seen it, please message me.”

There hasn’t been an update on the lost symbol of faith on his Facebook, but many commenters have offered to help him build another one. But as KCBD reports, this particular structure had many signatures on it from supporters of his travels, so he would love to get the original back.

No one seems to have a clue why or how someone would take the cross from where Manning left it, but he vows to stay put in Texas until he is able to reconstruct the large representation of his convictions.