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Culinary Dropout Is a North Austin Gem in the Hill Country

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Tony Maples Photography


One of the most wonderful things about Austin, Texas is that every weekend you can go somewhere new and feel like you are in a new city. Each corner of Austin and each surrounding community has a personality all it’s own. North, East, South, West – each is unique. This article finds us in North Austin at the Domain.

Photo: Melissa Trevathan-Minnis

Culinary Dropout is a North Austin gem. Seated in the Domain, you are not at a loss for things to do if you have to wait for a table. Surrounded by stores, you can browse for hours and find a new fall wardrobe. If you prefer to wait, take a seat on the long suede couch or challenge a friend to a game of ping-pong. As the temperatures begin to subside there is no better time to enjoy the open air restaurant indoors or outdoors.

The name, Culinary Dropout, rings of rebellion and culinary creativity. The food seemed to deliver.  The menu offered some good tried and true options, several salads, and soups, but also a creative variety of cheeses and small plates for sharing, as well as a competitively-priced kid’s menu.

Photo: Melissa Trevathan-Minnis

Pictured above are the soft pretzels and provolone fondue. Served in a fondue cup for dipping and sharing, this one was a crowd-pleaser. Also pictured are the humble remains of the strawberries, brie, and pistachios. If you enjoy the balsamic flavor, this makes a very nice dish.

After enjoying our first time at Culinary Dropout, we meandered right outside and enjoyed live music on the grass. You will see in the picture below, both humans and canines enjoying the show!

Photo: Melissa Trevathan-Minnis

Good food, live music, and cooler temperatures were a wonderful way to end a Saturday night in Austin!