Custom-Made Cowboy Boots: Made in Texas, Made for You

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Making boots for Slim Pickens, Lyle Lovett, and any number of superstars, not to mention the average Joe like you or I that wish to have not just a work of art on our feet, but something that’s about fit and quality, Lee Miller of Texas Traditions, here in the Texas Hill Country, has been making the real deal, authentic Texas cowboy boot for years. They say a lot about the individual that’s wearing them, and for that very reason, they’ve gained popularity in and out-of-state, as well as far beyond ranch wear and into the hands (or rather, onto the feet) of collectors the world over.

You see, the difficulty with the majority of off-the-rack boots is generally the quality. They’re often mass-produced and machine-made, lacking distinction. Although they are quite readily available, the odds that you’ll need to replace them just as readily are quite good. The alternative, being custom-made boots, are personal and collectible, made by an artist in very limited production.

Shared on the Texas Tourism YouTube channel, this video of Lee speaking about his handicraft being a “dream job” couldn’t be closer to the truth. Doing something he loves to do, and making a pair of boots that are unique and special at the request of an individual, is what Miller has always wanted to do, and working for Charlie Dunn at Texas Traditions has essentially been the pick of the crop for him. There are a number of boot makers across Texas, and Lee is only one that was highlighted by Texas Tourism. He notes as much in his interview but fails to point out that he’s ultimately a rock star in terms of his trade. Texas Traditions rarely takes on new customers, and many wait a minimum of three years for their specially made pair of boots. Lesser known but still well-regarded custom cowboy boot makers can typically take three to four months to accomplish this. Your taste or preference may also depend on your wallet size, but the outcome won’t be regrettable nor cause you buyer’s remorse. Footwear such as this, which is made specifically for you is, for many, a once-in-a-lifetime deal that feels exactly that way when you’re wearing them!

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