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For the Cyclist: Tackling North Texas’ Hotter’N Hell Hundred

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Unsurprisingly, the sport of cycling in Texas, as with other sports, is extreme and requires true grit. Cycling in Texas takes riders all over the state and immerses them into some harsh environments. Texas’s famous race, the Hotter’N Hell Hundred, takes cyclist through grueling, dry terrain around the Wichita Falls area of North Texas. Though not as long as the Grand Tours of Europe, this race tests the mental stamina and preparation of any cyclist.

A Little History of a Big Race

Here is the line up for the start if you want to be a cyclist in the race.Photo: Facebook/Hotter’N Hell Hundred

Started in 1982, Hotter’N Hell was a celebration of Wichita Fall’s Centennial. As the race’s reputation grew, so did the number of participants. Now the race attracts thousands of cyclists every year with the number of cyclists increasing. The event is well organized and supported by many in the cycling community. When race time approaches, the Wichita Falls community rallies behind the cyclists, creating a competitively charged atmosphere for any individual cyclist ready to ride.

Race Day: Tires Hitting the Pavement

I'm a cyclist. I'm ready to ride.Photo: Facebook/ Hotter’N Hell Hundred

Hotter’N Hell Hundred is a brutal race that immerses cyclists in the deep summer heat. Forcing cyclists to battle dehydration, the race pushes cyclists to the limit. The hundred mile road race, a daunting feat on the bike, requires mental preparation as well as physical training. To help tackle this challenge, Hotter’N Hell offers a pace group, with the intention of finishing the race in five hours. This gives an aspiring cyclist the opportunity to experience a peloton-style ride that observers see in the Grand Tours (Giro d’Italia, Tour De France, Vuelta De Espana).

A Little Something Different

Volunteer offering watermelon to a cyclist.Photo: Facebook/ Hotter’N Hell Hundred

Scheduled for the weekend of August 24-27, 2017, Hotter’N Hell Hundred makes riders travel through open terrain in 100-degree heat. However, for those that are looking for shorter distances, the Hotter’N Hell event offers a variety of distances and events. For any cyclist, Hotter’N Hell is a rite of passage that is challenging, humbling, and incredibly rewarding.