Dad Telling His Kids About Death of Their Cat Takes a Weird Turn

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We hate spam too, we'll never share your email address highlighted a weird tale they found told by a man on Twitter. Eric Schmidt had posted screenshots of his family texts to his Twitter page with the caption, “You guys would not believe the roller coaster of emotions I’ve been through.”

Eric’s dad texted him and sister to let them know their family cat, Kitty, had been hit by a car and was found in the street. The family (all adults) grieved, but suddenly, Kitty miraculously showed up…after she had been buried in the backyard! The Schmidts realized they had buried the wrong animal.

But the story continues with Eric posting a final screenshot from his mom texting him to say she dug up the buried pet to take to the vet. She wanted to read its microchip to let the creature’s family know of its passing. But she admits that it didn’t have a chip because it was actually a tri-colored rabbit that looked like their pet cat!

This is where many Twitter users throw up their hands and think that the story has become obviously fake, especially since Eric is a comedy writer. Yet, he stands by the story while others back him up saying that if the rabbit was hit by a car, perhaps it did look close enough to the family cat to distress his parents to the point of not recognizing their pet. Read the screenshots below to decide what you think about the amazing story.