Dallas Church Plays Cowboys Game After Sunday Service

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Many Texans feel some conflict when it comes to how they spend their Sundays. On the one hand, they want to feel the power of church, and on the other hand, they want to make sure they catch the Cowboys game. The Friendship-West congregation figured out a way to have both! After service on Sunday, they played the Ravens-Cowboy game on their big screen.

One churchgoer found the humor in the situation and posted a quick video on Twitter. “Bro Cowboys fans are down for the cause, these dudes got the game on in church” Jake tweeted.

Unfortunately, the tweet got misconstrued. People assumed they were watching the game while service was going on, so Friendship-West felt the need to post a response online. Church officials wrote that the game was shown after worship to encourage a community gathering in cheering on the Cowboys. They hope that people don’t think that they were not taking service seriously.


Many news outlets have apologized for the confusion. Now hopefully everyone can just appreciate how “Texas” it is that a church would promote togetherness through a common interest in the Dallas Cowboys.