Dallas Corvette Club Reaches Out to Elderly Scam Victim

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Great-grandmother Ola Donalson, 76, was recently scammed by a woman who came to her door dressed in scrubs. The woman told her she was with her doctor’s office, and they wanted to get her a new walker. She took about $1,000 from Donalson that day which the elderly woman needed to make rent for the month.

Fox 4 News covered the story, and the Unique Corvette Club of DFW took notice. The group rolled up her street in a parade of Corvettes to join hands with Donalson to spread good spirits and give her some much-needed cash that they raised. Club member Keith King told the news, “This could be my mother. It could be my grandmother. Any of these guys’ mom. And this is just something we just couldn’t let go by without trying to do something.”

The Unique Corvette Club formed in 2007, and they go well beyond simply talking shop about cars. Their website lists their purpose as “to promote a welcomed environment where Corvette enthusiasts can fellowship while giving back and supporting charitable causes throughout our community.”

Police haven’t found the woman who scammed Donalson yet, but she feels blessed to have received an outpouring of love after the incident.