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11 People Have Died in Dallas County This Season Due to the Flu

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KHOU says that the Dallas County Health and Human Services department has reported 11 deaths in the area due to the flu virus this season. Most range in age from 59 to 89 years old, except for the most recent victim.

Tragically, 37-year-old Nita Negrete passed away on January 3. She developed a slight cough on Christmas Eve, and as this cough worsened, she instinctively knew something was very wrong. Her mother, Josie Garza, told KHOU, “She was coughing. She said, ‘Mom, you know what, this cough don’t seem so serious. But I think this cough is going to kill me, because something about it is not a regular cough.'” Days later she went to the doctor and was given medicine, but her condition worsened into pneumonia. She ended up in the hospital where she lost the fight for her life.

Dallas News writes that Negrete is the youngest person this year to pass away from flu complications in the area, and her family is speaking out, hoping that they can encourage everyone to take the flu very seriously and to seek medical attention early. “Get checked immediately, regardless of whether or not you can afford it, whether or not you have insurance. Life is more important,” Negrete’s sister, Louisa Garza, said.