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Dallas Lion Cub Introduced to Her Habitat For the First Time in Playful Romp

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“Bahati is 8 lbs of fluff! We’re getting close to introducing her to the habitat – stay tuned,” the Dallas Zoo tweeted on May 6th along with a photo of their new lion cub posed with a pinecone. The cub looked too cute to be real, almost like she’s a stuffed animal! Then, last week, the Dallas Zoo posted a video of Bahati’s introduction to her new habitat, confirming that the cuteness is real and ready for visitors.

As CBS DFW explains, Bahati was born on March 17th weighing 3 pounds. She was the first lion to be born at the Dallas Zoo in over 40 years. She’s already up to a healthy 13 pounds and has received her vaccinations.

Zoo officials say that Bahati hasn’t been introduced to her father, Kamau, who will eventually join mom Lina and Aunt Jasiri and Bahati in the habitat. Also, she won’t be out in the habitat all of the time. For now, your best chance to see the lion cub is first thing in the morning when the zoo opens. What an amazing way to start your day!

To see video of Bahati’s first day exploring, rolling around, and soaking in the sun, click here.