Dallas Private School Alumnae Raise $185K for Longtime Security Guard

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Kifleab Tekle, the security guard at the Hockaday School for 30 years, is retiring and the alumnae have raised over $185,000 for his years of service.

A GoFundMe campaign, where people can start and raise funds themselves without an official organization, began in the wake of Tekle announcing his retirement. As the Daily Mail reported, what began as a small gift from “the class of 2005 to raise $2,005 as a retirement gift,” quickly became a huge campaign.

Over 1,800 individual donations to the campaign were made, including an anonymous $13,000 gift, and over $185,000 has been raised as a farewell gift for the security guard known as ‘Kief’ to the girls at Hockaday. Kief “never forgot a student’s name and once broke his arm chasing someone from campus,” Eugene McDermott Headmistress Liza Lee announced in a statement.

Tekle told the Dallas Morning News that he “was not expecting such a big farewell. It means stability for my family.” However, it seems that he more than deserves his wonderful goodbye gift, as the both current students and alumnae alike at the Hockaday School have never forgotten his kind gestures.