Dallas Dubbed 8th Rudest City in America

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How do you feel about Dallas’s recent ranking? In a list compiled from votes by Travel + Leisure readers, Dallas took the 8th spot out of 15 of “America’s Rudest Cities.”

For the most part, the “America’s Favorite Places” survey included positive attributes like favorite museums, bars and restaurants, but some questions were a bit more personal. Travel + Leisure asked readers how safe cities felt and what city had the least polite people.

Dallas’s #8 caption reads: “Even with a healthy dose of Texas twang, Dallas didn’t come across to visitors as being very welcoming. What did resonate with travelers in the Big D were the city’s bars and barbecue, including brisket omelets for breakfast at Smoke or craft brews in Deep Ellum. Maybe travelers just don’t get what they expect from a trip to Dallas. As T+L’s Digital Photo Editor, a Dallas native, says in her hometown guide, you won’t find longhorns or oil rigs in this truly modern metropolis.”

The description doesn’t sound too awfully judgmental, but it still stings.

Also on the list was Scottsdale, Arizona, coming in at #15, and Boston ranking at #7. The usual suspects, Los Angeles and New York City came in at #4 and #3 respectively, while Phoenix took second place. Miami jumped up a spot from last year to lead the pack in 2016 as the number one Rudest City.