Louisiana Floods Brings Dogs to Dallas SPCA

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The floods in Louisiana have destroyed homes, dramatically changed people’s lives, and uprooted pets and creatures that live in the area. It’s time for Texans to reach out in any way they can, and that includes embracing animals displaced by the floods.

CBS DFW reports that the SPCA of Dallas is taking in over 50 dogs from the Companion Animal Alliance in Baton Rouge. The dogs will be available for adoption as soon as they settle down in Texas.

Sadly, this is not the first time that Louisiana has contended with awful weather conditions for animals. “Hurricane Katrina changed the way that animals are treated during emergencies thanks to the passage of the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards. In its approval, Congress compelled first responders to save pets just as they save their people,” writes.

In addition to helping animals that become lost, scared and alone during the flooding, animal shelters in the flooded areas are impacted by lack of supplies and, of course, water damage to their facilities. provides a list of animal shelters that need donations, and you can check back with the SPCA of Dallas to see how many dogs are still available for adoption. If you’re able to give or adopt, these relocated furry beings will thank you!