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News Station Investigates Dallas TSA Workers’ Drug Test Results

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WFAA‘s sister station KGW Portland recently discovered documents detailing failed drug and alcohol testing conducted on TSA agents throughout the country obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. The documents, dating from 2010 – 2016, reveal that 21 TSA employees at DFW International Airport tested positive throughout the years. Dallas’ number comes behind other major airports like Los Angeles International Airport at 51 and Los Angeles International Airport at 40. Dallas News adds that Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport had 14.

Though the number may seem disconcerting since the thought of any impaired federal agent is unsettling, overall, it’s actually rather low when it comes to federal employee drug testing. TSA employees have a .55 percent failure rate (97 out of 17,649), while WFAA says “other federal employees” have a 1.5 percent failure rate. All of those who test positive are reportedly fired immediately.

“I don’t think we are ever going to be able to have absolutely zero mistakes,” Homeland Security analyst Scott Winegar said. He added, “Our expectation is that they will keep us safe in the airways, so when you put that type of expectation on somebody, you would certainly want them fully alert and not inhibited by alcohol or drugs in any way.”