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The Dallas Zoo Reveals That Katie the Giraffe is Pregnant

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Not to be outdone by world-famous pregnant giraffe April who finally gave birth after a 2-month-long livestream, or by the Houston Zoo’s ushering in of new baby Zindzhi, the Dallas Zoo recently announced that their giraffe, Katie, is pregnant with her third baby.

CBS DFW writes that Katie should deliver her calf sometime in May. In 2011, she gave birth to Jamie, and only two years ago she birthed Kipenzi. The Dallas Zoo says that Kipenzi was actually the first giraffe whose birth was livestreamed, but they have no plans to livestream the birth of her newest baby, opting instead to give Katie her privacy. They do plan on keeping everyone updating via their Facebook page, and according to the CBS DFW, the baby already “can be seen moving quite a bit.”

Though April the giraffe’s livestream has now ended, the popularity of the stream across Facebook and YouTube showed a sparked interest in adorable giraffe calves. Over 1.2 million people watched as April gave birth and saw the clumsy and sweet first movements of her baby. KHOU writes that the Houston Zoo’s Zindzhi was “6 feet tall and weighed almost 140 pounds” when she was born, so it will be interesting to see how Katie’s fellow Texas-born baby will measure up!