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Man Who Dangled in His Car From Austin Parking Garage Speaks Out

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Many people posted photos to social media and watched the news stories on the vehicle that dangled by a steel cable from a parking garage in downtown Austin. The driver of the car has now spoken out about his experience with an interview with the American-Statesman.

William O’Connor was pulling into a parking spot in the Littlefield Parking Garage with his Toyota 4Runner SUV intending to go workout at Gold’s Gym when his vehicle mysteriously took off and jumped over the barrier. He stresses that he was completely focused on the task at hand and has no explanation as to why his car acted so unpredictably.

O’Connor told the American-Statesman, “You know that you’re about to die. I feel like whenever I describe it, the words I’m using are inadequate to describe just the sheer terror. As I was falling, there were thoughts going through my head, like, ‘I can’t believe this is how I’m dying.'”

He hung in limbo for a few minutes until a man who was visiting from Alabama came to his rescue and amazingly pulled O’Connor up and out of the car. Once O’Connor regained his composure, he went down the stairs of the garage to see a crowd had formed.

For a while, he didn’t tell his friends what had happened. Since processing the incident, he’s posted about it on Facebook and even rethought what he feels is important in life.

#themostfamouscarinaustin right now #danglingcar #caraccident #badday #fridays The driver climbed out and is ok.

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