Date Marshmallow Log, Good for Gift-Giving or Gobbling

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This oldie-but-goody Texas Hill Country recipe is a much-loved delight and has also been handed down for years. The dessert is easy to make, delicious, and never lasts long. Try it with coffee for breakfast, or wrap it in colorful paper and give it as a gift. You can’t go wrong with the Date Marshmallow Log.

Date Marshmallow Log

Date Marshmallow Log


48 graham crackers, crushed

28 large marshmallows

1 3/4 cups dates, chopped

3 cups pecans, chopped

1 3/4 cups heavy cream


Dice each marshmallow into 4 small pieces. Combine marshmallows, dates and nuts. Mix with 2/34 cups cracker crumbs. Don’t whip the cream, but add to date mixture and mix thoroughly. Shape into roll and then roll it in the remaining crumbs. Wrap well in waxed paper. Chill.