Man’s Invite to Daughter’s Quinceañera Goes Viral, Gets 1M RSVPs

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Over one million people have already RSVPed to Rubi’s quinceañera coming up this weekend. Well, according to the Facebook event at least.

“Everyone is cordially invited,” Rubi’s father said in the viral video inviting guests to her special 15th birthday celebration complete with live music. Since the Facebook event page for the quinceañera was left public, it spread like wildfire and people started RSVPing with “going” and “interested.”

Now, the event has become a meme and an overall internet sensation, and it’s reaching audiences of all ages. “OK who told my grandpa bout rubi’s quinceañera because he asks me every day if I’m going,” Stephanie Cisneros tweeted. And as Rafa Fernandez tweeted, some Mexican airlines are even offering discounts on flights around the event.

Even though it’s understood to be a joke that so many people are attending Rubi’s birthday celebration, NBC News says her hometown isn’t going to take any chances. They report, “Local politicians have ordered extra security and police to the area in case some of the thousands of people who RSVP’d to the event actually do show up. Roberto Segovia, a politician from the region, has also called for Red Cross to be present at the festivities in case of emergency.”