Daylight Saving Time Ends Early Sunday Morning [VIDEO]

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In the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, November 6, 2016, while we are all sound asleep or perhaps out enjoying one of Texas Hill Country’s many Saturday night hotspots, daylight saving time will end. Finally, the time of year has come that will allow us all to sleep in one extra hour. On Sunday, at 2 a.m., our smartphones and various other smart gadgets will automatically turn the time back one hour. However, we all have several pieces of technology that require us to manually do so, like our microwaves, ovens, and old-fashioned clocks. Saturday night, before you hit the sack, be sure to turn back all of your clocks so you aren’t late for church Sunday morning.

Now, there is a question about daylight saving time that looms over us year after year. Why do we go through this twice a year ritual? This comical YouTube video by LastWeekTonight explains it all. Please note there is a tiny bit of language in this short video, we here at respect the area’s German heritage, and we do not think that cows are stupid. We really love cows. Really.