Do You ‘De-Poop’ Your Crawfish? This Viral Video Shows How

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A couple of years ago, we posted an article regarding tips for a successful crawfish boil. Namely, we were looking at reputable suppliers, how to do the boil itself, and prepping for the feast. We also covered cleaning, due to the habitats in which these little critters reside. However, one thing we didn’t discuss at length was purging—the process of ridding crawfish of the impurities in their intestinal tracts. And just recently, a Facebook video post is going viral among those who fancy a feast of these mudbugs, due to its fast and easy process of removing them prior to eating. In fact, the 13-year-old in the video removes the crawfish intestine (or “poop tube,” as the video post refers to it) in a very easy motion, and many people didn’t know you could do this!

Hunter Stuckey is the young lad in the video. He has his own YouTube channel, a link for which can be found here, and through the share of his video tutorial called “De-pooping Crawfish,” thousands of people have since become newly informed.

Video: YouTube/Hunter Stuckey

Hunter’s video post on YouTube has been viewed more than 2K times. In addition to that, Viral Watch shared the video on their Facebook account, which has also been seen by over 5K viewers. A commenter on his personal video post said, “Baw! …real Cajuns don’t care bout dat none. We eat dat!” But if you’re from the Lone Star State, you may not be so inclined to acquiesce. In Texas, we love our crawfish boils, but some of us love the thought of eating them without the added bite of “poop tube.” So, in addition to the tips we previously provided on having a successful crawfish boil, we’d like to submit Hunter Stuckey’s tip for “De-pooping Crawfish” as an appendix. Those of you gearing up for late spring festivals featuring this delicious delicacy can still look forward to making use of Hunter’s tip at the upcoming Rails and Tails Mudbug Festival in Tomball on May 4, 2019, the Houston Crawfish, Crab & Grill Festival on May 11, 2019, and the Fredericksburg Crawfish Festival, in the Texas Hill Country, May 24-26, 2019.