Deadliest Tornadoes in Texas History

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Tornadoes can be fascinating to see from a distance, in a picture, far away from the storm. However, if you have ever had to deal first hand with a twister, you know that things can turn deadly at the blink of an eye and the losses that incur can be devastating. Take a step back in time to take a look at twelve of the deadliest tornadoes that took place right here in Texas.

12. The Lubbock Tornado, May 11, 1970

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Making NOAA’s Honorable Mention list, this deadly F5 tornado ripped through Lubbock, killing 26 people and injuring 500. It destroyed over 1,000 homes and apartments, 10,000 vehicles, and over 100 aircraft.

11. The Jarrell Tornado, May 27, 1997

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This F5 tornado took a strange path while unleashing chaos on Jarrell, TX. Instead of moving eastwardly, it moved south-southwest destroying more than 40 homes. The storm killed 27 people and injured 12. Farmers lost 100s of heads of cattle as a result of the storm.

10. The Saragosa Tornado, May 22, 1987

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Measuring at a half a mile wide, this F4 tornado destroyed over 80% of the town. There were a total of 30 fatalities, 22 of which took place at a children’s graduation ceremony in Guadalupe Hall. There were 121 residents left injured.

9. The Zephyr Tornado, May 30, 1909

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This F4 tornado snuck up on residents close to midnight, destroying a good portion of this town. 34 people were killed and 70 were injured. 50 homes were destroyed as were 6 businesses, 2 churches, and a high school.

8. The Karnes-Dewitt Tornado, May 6, 1930

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Occurring the same day as the infamous Frost tornado, this F4 tornado ripped apart a good number of poorly constructed homes and killed 36 people. In addition, there were 60 people injured.

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