The Death of David Crockett: Forever Etched in Texas Memory

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Today marks a colossal day in the history of Texas. It was on this date in 1836 that David Crockett was killed by Mexican army soldiers. At the age of 49, he lost his life at the battle of the Alamo. Stories have told us of his fate over the years, and movies and television have done their best to define who he was as a person. But, as an icon, he will forever be remembered in the Lone Star State.

The Historic David Crockett Homepage account on Facebook posted the reminder of the recognition of this day, saying, “MARCH 6TH, 1836. TIME TO REMEMBER THE FALL OF THE ALAMO IN TEXAS AND THE DEATH OF DAVID CROCKETT. At the dawn of Sunday, March 6th, 1836, forty-nine year old David Crockett from Tennessee was killed by soldiers of the Mexican army at the battle of the Alamo in town of San Antonio de Bexar in Texas. August 17, 1786 – March 6, 1836. R.I.P.”

The Death of David Crockett: Forever Etched in Texas Memory

Photo: Facebook/The Historic David Crockett Homepage

Born at Limestone Creek in Tennessee, Crockett gained a reputation for the art of storytelling as well as hunting. He became a colonel in the Lawrence County, Tennessee militia and, following that, in 1821 he was elected to the Tennessee state legislature. Six years later, he was elected to the U.S. Congress. He took a firm stance against the politics and policies of President Andrew Jackson, including the Indian Removal Act, and his opposition to such led to his defeat in the elections of 1831. He was soon re-elected (two years later), and then lost by a narrow margin again in 1835. It was after this loss that he made an angry departure for Texas (which, at the time, was the Mexican state of Tejas). It was approximately a year later that he would meet his fate in the Texas Revolution, killed at the Battle of the Alamo on this date, 182 years ago.