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Death Wish Coffee Company Recalls Their Products Due to Deadly Toxin

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Death Wish Coffee Company is known for their super strong coffees and black packaging featuring a skull and crossbones. Despite the company’s name and image, the New York-based company obviously doesn’t want to actually do anyone harm. So when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found traces of the toxin botulin in their 11-ounce Nitro Cold Brew cans, Death Wish was quick to recall their products. (ABC writes that botulism can result in overall weakness, difficulty breathing, double vision, constipation and abdominal distention.)

“After several rounds of testing, a process specialist has recommended that we add an additional step to our nitro cold brew process. If you have it, toss it out and look for a check in the mail within 60 days (but probably sooner),” the company wrote on their Instagram page. Through the recall, fans of the coffee maker have been very supportive. On Facebook, Austin Rodden wrote, “ It’s great that you did a recall, it shows you care more about the customer than profits. It’s going to be costly for a small company but you’re doing the right thing.”

At this time, no illnesses have been reported. Customers can inquire further about refunds or any worries they have via the Death Wish website.