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Two Deaths Reported After Houston Homeless Face Freezing Temperatures

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On January 2, Click2Houston.com writes that freezing temperatures claimed two lives of homeless people living in Houston. This occurred before the coldest night on Tuesday. Both people were found on Richmond Avenue, one person in the 300 block, and the other under Highway 59.

Ahead of the freeze Tuesday night, “…the Houston Red Cross opened a temporary Warming Center from 8 p.m. Tuesday until 8 a.m. Wednesday for those in need of a warm place to stay overnight,” Click2Houston.com writes. The Warming Center was located at 200 Colquitt Street at the South Main Baptist Church, and people could call 311 to be taken to the center.

Romper.com writes that people should continue to reach out to the homeless while the U.S. is facing these ghastly temperatures. Ask if they need help, point them in the direction of a facility where they can get warm, and don’t hesitate to call 911 if they appear to need medical attention. Also, call nearby shelters and food banks to see what they need in terms of donations. “Always make sure you call first, since what the organization actually needs might be different from what you assume and you don’t want to leave them with canned goods or personal hygiene supplies they can’t use,” Romper writes.