Debate: Which is Better? ‘Lonesome Dove’ or ‘Tombstone’…

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Although we love both of these films almost equally, and each of them has their own premise and phenomenal characters played by actors and actresses who were more than qualified for their parts, we have to ask the question: Which movie do you like more? Do you prefer Lonesome Dove or Tombstone? If there wasn’t a third option such as “Both,” and your next paycheck, your future with your husband or wife, or even the option that you may never again eat your favorite food if a selection isn’t made, what would your answer be?

Debate: Which is Better? ‘Lonesome Dove’ or ‘Tombstone’…

Photo: Facebook/Outlaw Legacy Via Colt Faro

Before you respond with the fact that Lonesome Dove is a miniseries based on an award-winning novel, and the movie Tombstone was a feature film based on historical events, please don’t. We understand. We’re in the same quandary as you are, remember? We’re fans of one and the same, regardless of genre. But, if simply asked for your opinion (the only thing on the line here is your reputation as having epic taste in westerns), what would it be?

Debate: Which is Better? ‘Lonesome Dove’ or ‘Tombstone’…

Photo: Facebook/Ringers Western

The number of quotes, life mottos, taste in fashion, and generally impressive ways of being that have been generated from these two titles are innumerable. People consistently quote the characters on their social media pages. There are even entire online groups comprised of lovers of these media masterpieces. We’ll even start the ball rolling. When asked by our editorial staff at the Texas Media Group which of these two she liked best, the writer of this article chose Lonesome Dove. There. Now you can make your selection, and we can once again be friends. Because, “…if I thought you weren’t my friend, I just don’t think I could bear it.”