Debunking the Yankee’s Perspective of Frito Pie

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Like Chicken Fried Steak and BBQ Brisket, the Frito Pie is a staple of Texas cuisine. However, upon coming down to Texas, a “Yankee” might have a skewed idea of what Frito Pie really is. When Facebook users were asked what Frito Pie was, this user, whose name shall remain anonymous (to avoid being harassed endlessly), answered, “Ground hamburger, Fritos. I’m sure there is other stuff, too.” Hmm. Not quite. Another Facebook user responded, “Taco stuff in a pie dish with the crunched up Frito-Lays as the crust and topping.” Close, but no cigar. Finally, the one that takes the cake, this Facebook user commented “Absolutely no idea. It sounds like a regional dish. That usually means people make it however they want, provided there are Fritos and it is pie-shaped.”

It doesn’t take long after crossing over into Texas to figure out just how wrong the Yankee perspective is on Frito Pie and how complicated they are apt to make this dish out to be. No worries, that ideal is soon to be put in its right place.

Photo: Flickr/Hywell Martinez

The recipe for Frito Pie is actually quite simple and takes about five minutes to put together. All you need is:

  • A few single-serving bags of Frito corn chips (or a large bag if you plan on dishing it out into bowls, but single-serving bags are so much more fun!)
  • A good, spicy meat-only chili (leftover homemade chili from another meal?)
  • Shredded cheese

That’s it folks. Nothing more nothing less. Now, to put this overly simple but fantastically awesome dish together, start by slitting the bags of Fritos down the center from top to bottom. Scoop your favorite meat-only chili over top of the exposed Frito chips then sprinkle with cheese. If you choose, you can dress the dish up with fresh onion, a dab of sour cream, and/or jalapeños. Serve and enjoy!

The kids will go nuts over this. Frito Pie is great to have virtually anytime, but makes for an easy picnic, camping, or tailgate meal. It is often found at potlucks, church functions, and Super Bowl parties as well. Sorry, Yankee friends, for having to bust your bubble, but Texas is on to something here. Quick, simple, and absolutely delicious!