The Tradition of Decorating Trees on 360 in Austin Continues

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Along Loop 360 in Austin (also known as the Capital of Texas Highway) Austinites like to decorate trees to spread Christmas cheer to all those who drive by. Families, friends, and couples pick a tree to decorate in their own special way, and then they (hopefully) clean up the decorations after Christmas has passed.

Of course, this unregulated holiday tradition has some naysayers who state that it’s too dangerous and basically creates piles of trash along the highway that can interfere with cars and creatures who live in the area. Because of this, the word is spreading to take extra care if you’re participating in decorating the Austin 360 trees.

The Statesman says people should come prepared with only the items that they’ll use to decorate. In other words, take everything out of its wrapping to ensure that plastic doesn’t fly away. Nothing delicate or breakable should be put on the trees, and everything should be secured in case of high winds. Also, check up on the tree often to make sure you’re not accidentally littering.

KVUE recommends only using natural, biodegradable objects like Austinite Lizzy Cotar did. “I was born here in Austin,” she told the news. “Every year after Christmas, I’ve noticed all the pollution that comes with the trees from people decorating. And instead of complaining with everybody else, I wanted to make a difference and show that you can decorate with nature.”

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