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Family Catches Deer Crashing Through Their Glass Door in McKinney, TX on Film

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On Thursday, Jeff Stubbe and his wife and daughter had just sat down to dinner when they heard a crash at their front door. If their surveillance camera hadn’t been recording the living room at the time, people might not believe them when they announced who showed up for dinner because a young deer had burst through the glass door!

WFAA played the recording and spoke to the Stubbe family who says their dog Dottie is still jumpy from the incident since the deer almost collided with the little dog. “It seemed like forever. It was probably 30 seconds to a minute,” Stubbe said. When the deer came inside it fumbled around, dazed and unable to get its balance on the wood floor. Stubbe told his daughter to go on the back porch since she was visibly upset by the sight.

Stubbe told NBC DFW that they’ve never even noticed a deer in the area, much less one close to their house. “We’ve lived here for 13 years and have never seen a deer. We’ve seen bobcats and coyotes, but never a deer,” he said.

Sadly, after the young deer was picked up by animal control, it passed away. But its strange story lives on.